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Music Created for Plays, High School Musicals and More

Maverick's music (band-parts) is carefully created by our composers to be played by the average teenage musician in Intermediate and High School bands – not easy as pie but a nice challenge. Music is created with school plays and high school musicals in mind. Of course, adult players find this very satisfactory.

Most of our Youth Musical for teens offer both band-parts and performance backing tracks in their resources. Musicals for young children generally don’t have band-parts; offering instead performance backing tracks (along with piano vocal scores and rehearsal tracks). Scripts for musicals and the piano/ vocal scores have the lyrics in them. We’re here to help you make your show as successful as possible, so if there’s anything you’d like to know more about, or if there’s something that you’ve a question about that you can’t see answered in our FAQ's, please feel free to contact us.

Band Parts and MIDI Files

Most of the band-parts for Maverick Musicals and Plays are scored for a concert band plus flutes and clarinets. i.e.

  • flutes/clarinets;
  • alto sax/tenor sax;
  • trumpets/trombones;
  • piano/synthesiser;
  • drums/percussion;
  • acoustic & electric guitars/bass

Some titles have smaller, rock band sets. The music, or band-parts, comes as a complete set (including the conductor’s score). Each instrument’s part is clearly laid out – the Copying Fee allows you to photo-copy the set for the players in your band. Once printed, the Band-parts easy to use.

Our band music is not available for purchase instrument by instrument – the whole set is included. All music is sold, not hired to you; once purchased, it is yours to keep. (Normal Copyright rules apply). You will find the music to be very competitively priced and cheaper than most hiring charges. It is also possible to utilise the Performance tracks in your rehearsals.

Rehearsal Tracks

Rehearsal tracks that are available for most musicals are provided for making your rehearsals easier – great for the first stages of getting your cast and your musical going! Rehearsal tracks are not suitable for performance backing music – they are designed to assist you in teaching the songs. Some musicals have Rehearsal tracks with full vocals on them. Others instead feature a melody line, minimal musical accompaniment and a vocal line (usually represented by a wind instrument). These vocal line tracks are designed for use together with the piano vocal score in rehearsals.

Performance Tracks

For those of you who don’t have a band, the Performance tracks (similar in price to the band-parts) are available for most musicals. These tracks are also very handy to have additionally to the band-parts, for when you cannot arrange to have your band at rehearsals!

Piano vocal scores

A must for early rehearsals for your Musical Director. Containing lyrics and notes to the MD regarding the songs, these are designed for use with the Rehearsal tracks.

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