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Welcome to our easy to browse system for plays, school musicals free samples – the Free Samples option is designed to assist and speed your choosing procedure ; and allow directors to peruse materials before making a final decision on their purchase.

Free Sampler Option

Every title on our website has a Free Sampler option, so you can’t go wrong.  It’s fast – and easy – simply select the “Free Sampler”, choose your title from the drop down box selection, and the script sample (musicals consist of Act One plus cast notes, sheet music from the piano vocal score, and MP3 samples) are on your computer in seconds (depending of course on your connection speed!) For plays, you will receive half of the script plus cast list and any notes. Free Sample materials are not suitable for copying and cannot be used in any way for performance.

Band Parts

Please note that band-parts are not available for perusal. (Most sets for senior titles consists of stage band ensemble, plus flutes and clarinets, some titles have smaller rock band ensembles. If you need to assess the playability of the band-parts, please contact us and we’ll send you a sample song via email).

Need Help?

Our friendly and experienced staff know every musical and play that you find on this website – if you are unsure about what you may require, feel free to contact us for advice and we’ll be very happy to discuss what might suit your group, and recommend titles for you to read. Contact: [email protected].