Spectacular School Shows for Your Year’s End


As we head towards the end of another year, a huge variety of school productions are in full swing all over the place.Some directors are still thinking about squeezing in their last school musical for 2015 – or perhaps you prefer to finish off a successful performance calendar with a lively school play? We’ve come up with suggestions for both, so grab a coffee, take a seat and get comfy as you take a look at the possibilities we’ve selected for your consideration. You can view free samples here!

For those wanting a big and bright musical school end, try the following:

A Christmas Carol

This musical is faithful to the spirit and detail of the original story by Charles Dickens and retains all the charm and vitality. The show has plenty of big street scenes and chorus numbers and with about 30 individual speaking parts it provides excellent engagement possibilities for schools. Read more.

Bollywood Crazy

Indian doctor, Bandhu Tanwar takes his Australian-born wife and two teenagers to India for a trip of a life-time. The family is in for many surprises as they experience a traditional culture and family that challenges the life to which they are now accustomed. Ideal for large school casts. Read More.


With an 11-track original musical soundtrack, and a chorus of vampires, werewolves, zombies and witches, Creepytown is a fun and action-packed show which is sure to bring the house down! Not to mention sending your make-up department into a frenzy of creepy creativity. Read more.

Go Noah!

Maverick Musicals answer to Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, this fun-filled contemporary musical follows the Noah story…but with a few unexpected twists !  Go Noah! is sure to be a hit with performers and parents alike. Read more.


A new, fresh and non-‘precious’ look at the  Bible story, Nativity could be described as a chamber musical. With two 40 minute acts, this is an easy to stage show that’s just a perfect way to end your theatrical year, requiring no elaborate sets or costumes.  Read more


Noel is a bright new retelling of the age-old Christmas Story. All the usual Christmas characters are present. There’s lots of music – some old some new – lots of fun and lots of scope to involve an entire school in presenting the Christmas Story. Read more.

Fun School Plays

If you’re looking for some real fun in a school play, for scripts with medium to large casts, these are our most popular.

Fairytale High

Here is a loads of fun, light-hearted play sending up a range of well known fairytales and characters but in a modern day high school setting, many of the laughs coming from the characters use of colloquial language and sayings! A perfect script for use in schools due to the large cast and production level. Read more.

Finding Jamie Ryan

This is a play about the pitfalls, predicaments and perils of a place we call High School. So, naturally, it?s an ideal play for secondary school students, whether it?s in the classroom or on the stage! With its large, flexible cast of typical high school characters, Finding Jamie Ryan comically captures the mishaps and absurdities of school life. Read more.

Four Funerals and a Wedding

Are you a drama teacher struggling to find scripts suitable for the whole class – a class full of students with a range of abilities? Then this is just the play for you! With characters like the redoubtable Detectives Mouldy and Sculler, the tale is given a different twist as it combines a whodunit with a love story to produce a lively and entertaining script.  Read more.

Kill Jill

Big Brother meets Kill Bill meets Jack (of Beanstalk fame) … Mix these together to create Kill Jill. A clever script exploring the hot topical issues of homeowners defending themselves.  This is a very suitable as a senior drama student piece. Read more.

Reality Dreams

This winner of the 2004 STAR Awards for best new full length play is a satirical look at the material desires for fame, money and prestige, as presented through the latest phenomenon ? reality TV. Quirky, with plenty of laughs and the side that is rarely seen on these shows – ? the effects of failure.  Read more.

Running Battle

The central theme of this play is the gap between parents and children. It is explored humorously through the decision taken by a pair of middle-aged parents to run a marathon to raise money for charity. Drama extensions and viewpoints for discussion included. Read more.

Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots

A glam-rock tribute play, Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots affectionately recalls the glittering fun, flamboyant music and fashion of the 70?s through one teenage boy?s simultaneous ambitions to be a star and to woo local girl of his dreams, Lorraine Izoff. Read more.

Seven Deadly Sins

We all have transgressed at least one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and that?s what this show?s about! Set as a ?Welcome-to-Hell? orientation lecture, this play recaps all seven sins and sets each of them in a different hilarious scene and in a different  style. Read more.

The Blame Game

It is a typical Saturday night and a group of young friends are preparing to go out. The play follows the friends, and also their parents, as both groups plan to enjoy an evening with friends, highlighting the role drinking plays in the lives of all ages – and how it can affect us. Read more.

The Dilemma of Deidre Dearheart

Deidre, a sickly sweet young woman and her ancient, care-worn mother are about to be evicted from their home for non payment of the rent. Desperate Despard Dunnybox, the wicked squire, appears and offers a wicked solution. He suggests that Deirdre should become his wife but she bravely resists him. Read more.

The Scottish Play

Treat your audiences to a laughter-filled production with this almost Pythonesque script – an hilarious ensemble piece. Take a fresh faced director straight out of university, introduce him to a regional Little Theatre group via a Regional Development Grant… and see what happens! Read more.


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