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d0a3a0e8-3a4a-4419-a826-bb03481942a8519024a3-624b-4b39-82c7-f1877235f2b4At Maverick Musicals we strive to stay innovative and up with the times. This is why we are very excited to announce that some of our favourite and most popular School Musical Deluxe packages will now be available on USB!

We know here at Maverick that schools and directors are busy preparing for the year ahead – and our USB’s and their content are designed to make your production life just a little bit easier. Scripts, scores, song tracks, both vocal and performance, graphics and SFX – are all ready for you on our new line of “Musicals on a Stick”.

Check out some of the titles we have available on USB below, for a full list please contact me.




Maverick’s Kung Fu Panda meets Moana!

Facing a bleak future in the family rice-fields, Hiroki, a short, self-centred Japanese boy with aspirationsof becoming a Samurai is humiliated by treacherous soldiers intent on taking the Chrysanthemum Throne and teams up with an unlikely band of ancient spirits to defeat them.

But when he is offered a chance to achieve his dream at the expense of his sister and the others, he must learn that loyalty is a quality best returned, especially if he is to outsmart the traitorous Emperor’s minister and save both his friends and the Imperial Princess.

Perfect for a large cast, for ages 10-15 years. Tim makes putting on a musical easy with plenty of material to help make your production run smoothly. With Props list, music and production notes and special effects cues list, wether you are an experienced director or not, this musical will be a huge success!

Also available on USB.
Make your order and start rehearsing today!




44ce5e9e-1997-45f7-9fa8-1fe771a2b021You’re History

When a nerdy teenager turns a portable classroom into a time machine, a mischievous detention class is sent hurtling back through history! The time-warped team discover vicious Vikings, pilates-practicing Pirates, disco-happy Gladiators, a rapping Romeo and Juliet and the infamous Oedipus on Jerry Springer.
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464191f9-3cb3-426b-8e59-72abac1d96efHigh School Spoof-ical

Welcome to Sweet Valley High, a perfect world of perfect Disney teens. Its an all-American school full of every clique imaginable – jocks, cheerleaders, eggheads, emos, homies and even redneck yokels! Meet Zak Teflon and Vanessa Huggins, two spotless little angels who are planning to unleash their extraordinary talents upon the high school musical.
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78971fe9-5e38-4761-94ba-79954986f1e5The Three Musketeers

Hear ye, hear ye! Looking for something just a little different? HisRoyal Majesty King Louis X111 doth command ye to a right rollicking, royal romp. This swashbuckling hilarious musical is based on Dumas’ classic tale of intrigue and adventure but you’ve never seen Porthos, Athos, Aramis and D’Artagnan quite like this…. Black Adder meets Monty Python!
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Get out the leather jackets, bobby sox and swingy skirts; brush up the pony tails and the D.A’s, you’re ready for the exciting world of milk bars, juke boxes and real motor bikes. In this era of change, Jay, a sixteen year old, finds his safe and extra-ordinary ordinary life is to be transformed dramatically. Shock! Horror! Is it possible that he could be changing into a creature of the night?
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5e1f7cac-8fc3-4dcc-bcf3-bad9485d7a1fSheerluck Holmes

Set within the framework of late Victorian England, this musical is a hilariously extravagant send-up on the great detective and the ever-bumbling Watson! With such characters as Greasy Pierre (the French butler), Colonel Horatio Bagshot, Virginia Huntingdon-Smythe and many, many police-men, you’ll love the foggy, dark humour of this murder mystery.
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Long live Gothic horror! In the remote village of Humperdink they boast about Count Dracula’s famous castle but everyone really knows thatvampires, werewolves and mummies just don’t exist anymore… or do they…? This laugh a minute musical is accompanied by vibrant, foot-tapping music and your students will love playing it.
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f0e329d7-c5c6-491e-b5ae-3fbba22bfba0Little Stars

Lights, camera… action!! A great new rock and roll musical that’s just perfect for senior primary to lower and middle high school students. Follow the behind the scenes story of five finalists (and their neurotic parents) as they compete in the national TV hit sensation singing competition seeking the next … Little Star!
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61326e3b-e3a9-40dc-abba-69f3a5b9ba46 Creepytown

When shy, vegetarian (and vampire…) Princess Lucy meets an adventurous, outgoing human, she sees a chance to realise her dreams of escaping her crazy vampire world and her ‘monstrous’ controlling parents. Meeting at the dental clinic recently opened by her new friend’s square and well-meaningparents, the two make plans to escape Creepytown forever!
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2b902aa7-ea17-4f60-8d11-141b698b5afe Ratbags

When a small town is over-run by street kids who better to deal with the problem than the army? Even if that army happens to be a unit of well trained riotous rodents! Successfully premiered by The Centenary Theatre Group in Brisbane, Ratbags is a modern day Pied Piper – that rocks! In this adaptation, the roles are reversed – the streets are cleaned up, the rats become heroes, and all the old fogies still boogie and rave!
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Set in Ancient Rome, this relevant musical cleverly takes the audience back and forth from Rome to present day. It is full of surprises and highly entertaining. Oh, and did we say, it is a very funny show? Sophie wants to be a Gladiator but… as a girl in Ancient Rome the odds are against her. However with the aid of the powerful Empress, she overcomes all obstacles.
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c16766ce-c034-4377-9aaf-ad2e92d65364 Compass Rose

After being locked in her cabin for disobedience, feisty but self-centred Constance-Rose McAlister escapes from her father’s ship to Easter Island – to fulfil her dream of becoming a famous explorer. Despite being left behind when the ship leaves, she has great fun chasing the local wildlife, chatting with magic statues and of course, sinking pirate ships!
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df559a5f-1f11-4937-89d8-737fbe0847a6The Jungle Book

This musical adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic The Jungle Book follows the story of Mowgli who is brought up by the wolves, and is taught the laws of the jungle by his dear friend, Baloo the bear. A particular feature of the show is the audience participation and involvement, but the strong plot is not ignored and the element of danger is never far away.
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Alice in Wonderlandef7eebd9-a245-4bc2-9dcd-78fb69526d56

Alice in Wonderland is probably regarded as the greatest children’s book ever written. Mike Carter’s adaptation draws out that humour and mystery and creates an exciting and challenging musical, ideal for use in schools or by adult companies. With 22 main speaking parts, this adaptation gives plenty of children the opportunity to act.
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2d141cef-051f-43ed-b267-7d31fd85d11fWE”RE HERE TO HELP!

With many more plays to choose from in our range, we hope you enjoy browsing our samples packages and find that perfect show for your group. Please contact me for a chat or send us an email about what you really need – and we’ll try our hardest to find you the right script!


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