Rocking on with Maverick Musicals in 2015

Welcome back to another big year for school musicals! To really kick-start your students at auditions, we have selected these great Rock ‘n’ Roll titles. If you have a band, all the better – but if not, the terrific Performance CD’s available will fill your auditorium with that big band sound. We hope you enjoy browsing the selection for this month – and ordering from our website couldn’t be easier or faster with our streamlined one-stop shopping cart, including performance rights.

battle-of-the-bandsBattle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is the latest musical for secondary schools from Steven Harris, writer of Little Stars and Snap!, Battle of the Bands is everything your school wants in a musical – a self-contained story with original songs – and it’s easy to stage. Staging Battle of the Bands is straightforward – you’ll need a lounge room, office setting, small riser to represent a stage within a stage and an open space. Read more.


Little Stars

A great new rock and roll musical that’s just perfect for senior primary to lower and middle-high school students and even drama groups – just rev it up!
Follow the behind the scenes story of five finalists (and their neurotic parents) as they compete in the national TV hit sensation singing competition seeking the next … Little Star! Read More.



Get out the leather jackets, bobby sox and swingy skirts; brush up the pony tails and the D.A’s, you’re ready for the world of milk bars, juke boxes and real motor bikes. In this era of change, Jay, a sixteen year old, finds his safe and extra-ordinary ordinary life is to be transformed dramatically. Shock! Horror!

Are you tasked with organising a fund-raiser for the school? With music your own choice, here’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll Theatre Restaurant script showcasing 6 decades – stand back as your wardrobe department cuts loose!



Rock’n’rollers, hippies, disco-dancers, yuppies, emos and rappers perform a groovadelic celebration of pop culture. It’s hip, it’s fast, it’s fun and it’s funny. It’s RetroActive! Showcasing six decades, the 50s to the noughties, this is a visually stunning nostalgic spectacular. Your wardrobe department will relish the opportunity to break out the flares, shoulder pads and big wigs! RetroActive will knock the socks off audiences of all ages ! Read More.


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