Plays for Drama Groups in the New Year!

c6ac47d4-a898-478d-ad67-4dbf09136b92Another year of fabulous plays and musicals is coming to an end but as one curtain closes another curtain opens! Time to start planning, creating and rehearsing for 2017 to make it even more amazing than this year. Below are some suggestions, whether you are flying solo and looking for a one act play, or you need something longer for your group or a theatre restaurant is more your style – see below or check out Maverick Musicals site for even more options.

On another note, we have been very busy in the Maverick Musicals office as we have brand new premises at Alexandra Headland on the beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland and a new company director!

My name is Tahlia and I am so excited to be a part of the Maverick Musical family. If you need any recommendations, just contact me – or try the sample packs that are available for every title, perfect for sharing with your production committee.

If You Are A David Bowie Fan….

Take a look at Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots Or with 2017 Valentines Day not that far away, perhaps try Hugh O’Brien’s Trio of Love plays for a great season in your theater.

One Act Plays:

Hot Spots

A newly published festival comedy that’s already popular with audiences. An uptight control freak plans a relaxing afternoon for a few friends, but as the wine flows… secrets, lies and betrayals threaten to turn it into the lingerie party from hell. Read more

Dotty’s Inheritance

Upon receiving the news that her dear brother Victor has passed, Dotty, a woman of advancing years, now finds herself the owner of the family business. A business that her daughters want to offload before they all end up in the headlines of the local paper. Read more.

Do I?

A slice of life dramatic comedy that explores themes of family, love, marriage – and boobs. Read more.

 The Traveller’s Table

Mayhem erupts when erotic Asian massage, a fake priest and feral cats collide! This fast moving, hilarious comedy poses the question “Why be yourself when it’s more fun to be someone else?” Read more.


The people in this play know each other extremely well. The three friends, very relaxed in each other’s company, soon find what inhibitions they may have had washed away by a healthy sluicing of booze! Read more.


It’’s one thing to have a plan but another thing entirely to know what to do with it. Chaos reigns supreme in an undercover world of guns, espionage and hairy women. Read more.

Longer Plays

The World Bra Unclipping Championships at Garimba

Here is the new generation Dimboola, a laugh-out-loud comedy that is bound to be performed by every rural drama group in our wide, brown land. Read more.

More Than A Little Black Dress

Coco Channel sizzles, manipulates and charms her way through this stylised play. Coco was a ruthless opportunist – with a known penchant for wealthy lovers and dangerous company. Read more.

The Potion

Set in the trendy flat of a young drug representative of the Bellringer Pharmaceutical Company, here is a fast moving farce that will amuse your audiences.  Read more.

Theatre restaurant scripts

Cruising’ Calypso

Set off on an exhilarating cruise to the exotic Caribbean, aboard the good ship Indulgence! Any journey into the troubled waters of the Bermuda Triangle is an adventure into the unknown. Read more

Mystery on the Orient Express

Take your audiences for a ride on the famous Orient Express. This very fast paced show will transport you all on a theatrical journey following the same route as the famous train through France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. Read more

Ma Baker’s Tonic

A lot happens in the Ritzy and it’s all fun for the actors and the audience. This show’s got the lot – glitter, gags, goils and gangsters! Very good female roles in this production. Read More

Robin the Hood

This enormously popular script follows the zany exploits of Robin the Hood and his band of motley men as they bumble through Sherwood Forest. Read more.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Can’t wait to see what exciting productions will be performed in 2017!

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