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10 reviews for You’re History

  1. FigCreative


    The accolades continue to flow and a number of parents have hailed it as the best theatre they have ever seen!
    Annabel Meek, director, Geelong Grammar School

  2. FigCreative


    “The play and the script was outstanding. I don’t know how you did it. It was both clever and funny.”
    Joshua (Sophocles)

  3. FigCreative


    Firstly – we are underway with ‘You’re History’ and the kids are loving it. What a funny, funny script with endless possibilities. Still getting emails to school regarding the ‘great show’. Nothing but positive responses. It truly was wonderful and we had everyone up and dancing in the aisles on the last night – grandparents, parents, siblings and friends. Ended the show and the term on a high.
    Prue Vermay St Pauls VIC

  4. FigCreative


    “May we offer our heartiest congratulations to you on the fantastic production of You’re History! We absolutely loved every moment. The humour, the wit, the music, the fun, the history (“et tu, Fungus?!!!”) —and especially the CAST, who played with such verve and enthusiasm. Brilliant!”
    Rosemary and George, audience members

  5. FigCreative


    “Thank-you sooo much for writing such a fun and exciting script! I think that it was really important that you included lots of speaking parts so that if you didn’t get a main you could still have a major in one scene!”
    Rosie (Cheerleader and Riff-Raff)

  6. FigCreative


    “The play was so awesome! I had so much fun and wish it wasn’t over! We should go on tour or something. Everyone I talked to absolutely loved it including me! Thank-you EVER so much!”
    Sabrina (Queen Jocasta)

  7. FigCreative


    “Wonderful storyline, fantastic costumes, great songs and of course, extremely talented performances by everyone!! Hetty has so enjoyed it all and really benefited from all the confidence such a production brings and the tremendous team spirit that envelops them all. Thank you very, very much.”
    Sarah and Richard, audience members

  8. FigCreative


    The show was a geat success with lots of positive comments about the choice of show!
    Sue McGregor Roxburgh Area School NEW ZEALAND

  9. Gail Denver

    (verified owner):

    We have completed our “You’re History” performances, with great feedback from the audience. We suffered an extensive fire at our school during the school holidays, one week prior to opening night. Needless to say, The Arts have shown how they can help young people direct their energy and emotions in a positive way. Cathy Miegel Performing Arts Teacher.Lameroo Regional Community School

  10. Gail Denver

    (verified owner):

    Thank you again for providing us with the show You’re History. It was a real highlight in our 2011 performance calendar. Scott Lindner Head of Performing Arts. St Paul’s Anglican Grammar. Warragul. Australia

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