Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots

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3 reviews for Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots

  1. Maverick Musicals


    Glam Rock Sensation! This show is without doubt my pick of the Fringe so far. A confident and talented cast produce a host of colourful and very funny characters that take us on a trip down the bright and shiny memory lane that is…..the Seventies! The costumes, quirky comedy and funky soundtrack all combine seamlessly to bring this outstanding show to life! Well done to all involved and keep on rockin’!
    Danny Sturrock UK

  2. Maverick Musicals


    I saw this show on the Thursday and loved it from beginning to end. Okay I remember the era (my goodness is that a real copy of the Jackie magazine! I used to read that as a girl) and the songs and sang along all the way through. However, I saw this show in a mixed group, 2 44 years old, 1 35 year old, 1 27 year old, 1 25 year old and 1 20 year old. If I just loved the nostalgia, then why did the younger ones in my group love it as well! All 6 of us without exception rated it 5/5. The show is fun, the show is lively, the show is musically excellent. Yes, it has a touch of panto, yes it’s OTT, but what is wrong with that? This is theatre that leaves you tapping your foot and singing long after you have left the venue.
    Jane Dickerson Edinburgh Fringe Festival 06

  3. Maverick Musicals


    Sequinned Suits and Platform Boots, written and directed by Mark Wheeller, has as its focus the Glam Rock era of British pop music and I’m afraid to admit, it’s a period of time I remember only too well. This is a feel good production from start to finish, the young cast obviously are enjoying this production, as much as their audience, their enthusiasm is almost tangible while performing. The story is told by a narrator, Shakey Threwer, who links the events on stage that tell his life story through this time. The show has all the ingredients, ambition, unrequited love, slapstick,caricature roles and even a touch of panto, together with funny lines, singing and of course, Glam Rock music. The audience I was in consisted of all ages, mums and dads joining along and fairly young kids clapping along to songs they probably never herad before but caught up with the vibe that’s generated. Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006

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