Sample: Windsong, the Two Act Version

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Windsong, the Two Act version follows the story of Kirsty who’s sister Karen tragically died after falling from a cliff top while on a family picnic. Kirsty blames herself for Karen’s death and, while suffering anxiety and depression, she makes weekly visits to Karen’s spirit at the cliff top, where her soul now resides.

Josh is a University student in town and his girlfriend Erika visits him. Erika has untapped psychic abilities and while they’re visiting the cliff top she unintentionally makes contact with Karen. She and Josh become involved in the drama when Kirsty discovers she is not the only one who can communicate with her deceased sister.

With added scenes, more characters and further character exploration, Windsong, the Two Act Version, explores issues relating to mental health and how friends can be balm to a broken heart.