Sample: Tom and Huckleberry


Tom and Huckleberry is an ideal musical for schools and amateur companies as there are plenty of ensemble songs and no fewer than 23 individual speaking parts. This adaptation was written in 1981 and has enjoyed considerable success ever since.

The time is approximately 1850; the setting: St Petersburg, a small town basking upon the banks of the great Mississippi River. Tom lives with his Aunt Polly and his brother, Sid, in a small house overlooking the side-walk. It is summer, and Tom’s main preoccupation is playing truant from school, so he joins the homeless outcast, Huck Finn, along the banks of The Mississippi in search of adventure. It is on just such a quest that, one night in the graveyard, the two bays unwittingly witness a horrific murder that is to change their lives for ever.

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