Sample: The Rock in the Water


This is a story as old as time. Conscience versus State, where young Antigone is the conscience and her uncle, King Creon is the State. After a lengthy and bloody civil war, King Creon is trying to heal a broken country. There were two rival brothers who caused the war and they are now both dead. He decrees that the brother who won the war should be buried with full honours and the other brother must rot outside the city walls. King Creon’s niece Antigone is the sister of the two slain brothers. Her family and moral duty is to bury her traitorous brother. So here we have the immovable object (Creon) and the irresistible force (Antigone).
Simon Denver’s adaption of this classic Greek tale has won awards at every theatre festival it’s been entered in to. And with good reason. It’s not only challenging for the actors but causes ripples in the audience for them to contemplate – if they were in such a horrible situation as Antigone, would they follow their heads, or their hearts?

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