Sample: The Pram


Can a determined woman and a DNA test solve the 100-year-old mystery of a missing baby?

The Pram is the ideal play for busy people to put on at a festival or as part of a one act season. It is divided into three time periods with only two people ever on stage at once, allowing each pairing to rehearse their scenes separately if time is scarce.

The play is a modern mystery interwoven with events from the past such as Gallipoli, the great Spanish flu epidemic of 1919 and the Vietnam War.

It taps into today’s strong interest in DNA testing to determine family ancestry.  The play has an ultra-simple set and takes place in any small town in Australia.  Place names can be localised to make the setting close to home for your audience.

(We thank the Hayden Hills Players for the use of their 2019 production images)