Sample: The Pissoirs of Provincial France

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This play is set in the heartland of provincial France, a part of the world that is justly famed for its tourist landmarks from the chateaus of the Loire Valley to the languorous beauty of the Provencal countryside. Here, tourists can be assured of a warm welcome from French locals who like nothing more than convivial interaction with English-speaking people clad in sleeveless puffer jackets and wash and wear cargo pants.

Well, that what they tell you in the various tour guides and brochures anyway.

Beyond the Facebook and Instagram posts there is another side of international travel that goes largely unacknowledged and even supressed – the side where pretty much everything goes wrong. The first rule of international holidaying is that you never ever come home talking about disappointments or disasters. This play fearlessly defies the code and goes where tourists fear to tread. It is the unflinching account of what really occurred on one of those alleged trips of a lifetime, warts and all.

Shortlisted for the 2022 Noosa One-Act Playwriting Competition.

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