Sample: The Hunchback of Nostradamus


In his wildest visions, Nostradamus never saw this one coming! The plot may touch on a recognised truth now and then, and Quasimodo may ring a bell or two, but generally, this fast-moving comedy musical makes light of an age of fear and superstition.

Quasimodo, who only ever wanted to be a street performer and the love of his life, the new-age gypsy, Esmeralda, join forces with Mr. and Mrs. Nostradamus to outwit the powerful forces of the Inquisition. Beware, in this dark time when danger may lurk around each corner, some are not who they seem to be whilst others, including a confused Quasimodo, are not even sure who they are supposed to be! When Nostradamus forecasts that a good time will be had by all, who can argue with that? Medieval madness runs riot!

The Hunchback of Nostradamus is a colourful, highly entertaining musical which, if desired, may also provide a vehicle for the exploration of diverse theatre forms including pupperty, video taping, comic buffoonery (Inquisition and Body Collectors), circus skills (The fair) and swordplay (Quasimodo’s dream sequence) A good variety of Chorus numbers!

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