Sample: The Golden Touch


Adapted as a 40 minute, small cast play for younger students by award-winning children’?s writer Cynthia Medley-England, The Golden Touch is the well-loved story of King Midas, who ruled over the ancient country of Phrygia. He loved his daughter and his garden but most of all, he loved gold. When a stranger suddenly appears in his palace and grants him one wish, King Midas wishes, ‘that everything I touch turns into gold!’

His wish is granted. But the King quickly finds that even his food and drink are turned to gold! When he hugs his beloved daughter, who immediately turns into a golden statue, he is distraught with grief, and regrets his golden touch, begging the stranger to return his food, his flowers, and most of all, his daughter. He loses his golden touch, but regains so much more and finds out just what he really values.

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