Sample: The Dilemma of Deidre Dearheart


Deidre, a sickly sweet heroine and her ancient, care-worn mother are about to be evicted from their home for non-payment of the rent.

Deidre’s mother finds a note saying that Father has run off with the mailman after their last chicken is cruelly dispatched under the wheels of the mailman’s ute (pickup). Desperate Despard Dunnybox, the wicked squire, wickedly appears and offers a wicked solution. He suggests that Deirdre should become his wife but she bravely resists him.

Her mother, however, sees the potential to make a ‘quick buck’ and tries to strike a deal. Rodney Reckless, the hero, turns up in the nick of time and thoroughly ‘cocks things up’! Through it all, we discover that someone forgot to deliver the door and the actors have to ad-lib to ‘save’ the situation. Father arrives home to announce that they’ve won the lottery and explains the note. The door is finally delivered by Phoebe, who steals Rodney’s heart.

They all take the opportunity to escape from Deirdre who by this time is positively nauseating. She is discovered by the narrator, a failed actor, who is somewhat miffed about not getting the part of Rodney. They both fall in love and… well you can guess the rest.

The approximate running time is 30-35 minutes, depending on interplay with the audience.

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