Sample: Shifty Crooner


‘The Big Time is just around the corner!’

It’s 1926. And Shifty Crooner is in his prime. He has planned his greatest con to date, and everything is in place.

All he needs is a bunch of naïve counterparts. A sibling, a wealthy widow, an FBI agent, an accountant, a few singers, a couple of lawyers, an underground bootlegging king, a music agent and a few street guys. Simple.

Can Crooner pull it off? Or has he gone too big this time?

Crooner’s confidence is sky high. He manipulates his willing followers into believing he is putting on ‘The Biggest Show of all time’, and relies upon their greed to sell his candy.
However, wealthy widow – Martha Sullivan-Bouché smells a rat, and in reply, crafts a clever con of her own, but does she have the wit to outsmart Shifty Crooner?

Follow these characters through the web of deceit and into the maze of the unknown as they venture into a plot that twists and turns and never rests.

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