Sample: Nagwaja


Nagwaja is a multi-cultural musical for young children based on the delightful African fable about a hare who leaps for the moon, the story unfolding in the context of an elder telling young warriors a story. The hero, a young hare, has a dream that he can be King of all the animals! After all, isn?t he more handsome, cleverer and braver than the lion? With so many different and colourful characters, the loopy lady hare, the rockin’ Lion king and his pride of socialite lions, the scary Moon, the tap-dancing chameleons, the funky Monkeys and the punk Rats – here is a musical with a great story, terrific songs and with tons of scope and room for as many cast members as you’d like. The score encompasses a range of styles, rock ‘n roll, jazz, dance style, including tap and African dance rhythms, making it as satisfying for your audience as for the performers.

It is also designed to meet the objectives of the key stage 2 curriculum for music!

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