Sample: Life After Pablo

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William is a well known television journalist. He is called to his son’s Will’s school, who’s been in a fight. He meets the father of the other boy – Peter, a surgeon. Peter hasn’t always been called Peter. He used to be Pablo and was bullied at school, by William, amongst others. Pablo is odd. Is he odd because he was bullied at school, because his parents gave him an uncommon name, because they made a fortune out of the arms trade or is he just a bit… odd?
William has seen a lot of terrible things in his line of work. How has this affected him? Can he reconcile his former actions with his current stand on humanitarian issues?
Pablo is a surgeon. Or is he? He is married to someone from one of the war zones that William has visited. Or is he? Has being given this uncommon name been the defining moment of his life? Is there life after Pablo?

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