Sample: Just Desserts


The all-girl musical!

Do you always seem to get the shopping trolley with the free-thinking wheels? Have you ever been stuck behind a difficult customer at the check-out? Have you ever had a flashing, red-light special torn from your grasp ? Do you wait fearfully to see how much you’ve spent, in case you have insufficient money on you?

This innovative, sparkling comedy-musical shows that these things can happen to anyone?and often do, with hilarious results. However, the play is about the girls who work in the supermarket. Behind the “Have a nice day!” façade, the battlelines are drawn for the coveted Dairy Queen title, as the Dairy Mall mob and the Checkout Chicks give service with a smile and a few under the counter dealings. Don’t miss this bargain !

Stock up with laughter and receive the bonus of catchy music and singable songs. It features a large, all-female cast with many good main roles, several smaller speaking parts, a large chorus of other supermarket employees.

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