Sample: Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere

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Jamie Jamjar loves healthy food.  He has seen how a poor diet can mess you up just by looking at his sister, Lazy Lillian!  Jamie is shocked when his school tries out the new Robot Dudes (fast food servants) who replace the friendly dinner ladies.  Jamie then discovers his own father invented them!
Can it get any worse?  Oh yes it can!
Jamie is transported to Dinnersphere (in another of his father’s inventions, a Story Rocket)  where Jamie discovers the nefarious Dinnerwitch, busy planning world domination through putrid school dinners!  Together with three friends, (Bo, Agor and another (a member of the Primary School audience), they confront and defeat the Dinnerwitch!

Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere provides an opportunity for secondary school students to present an interactive Theatre In Education play with all the joys of the audience being a key part of the final performance.  It is expected to become a staple part of the new vocational courses where there are at the moment few plays which will fit the specification so well!