Sample: Cruisin’ Calypso


Set off on an exhilarating cruise to the exotic Caribbean, aboard the good ship Indulgence! Any journey into the troubled waters of the Bermuda Triangle is an adventure into the unknown BUT have no fear, you will be safe in the hands of your genial tour guide, the oh-so-laid-back Rasta Ganja. He’ll take you to the happening places of rum soaked Jamaica, mysterious Haiti and the scarcely populated Virgin Islands!

Nervous travellers, be warned. The islands play host to some bizarre characters including a voodoo lady, motherless zombies with an Oedipus complex and the crazy crew from Gilligan’s Island. You are not even safe on the ship itself! A stowaway with ambitions to be a star pops up everywhere, and the bowling ladies are back, this time minus spouses, and they are intent on making sure everyone has a good time; including themselves. If there is something new, they’ll try it. Why don’t you? Book your berth for this journey into unchartered waters.

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