Sample: Compass Rose and the Bird-Nesters


Compass Rose & the Birdnesters is a thrilling new musical adventure set on Easter Island. From the writer of Cabbage Patch Dragon, Conundrum and Willow Blues comes this delightful large cast escapade of excitement for your junior to intermediate students to perform!

After being locked in her cabin for disobedience, feisty but self-centred Constance-Rose McAlister escapes from her father’s ship to Easter Island – to fulfil her dream of becoming a famous explorer. Despite being left behind when the ship leaves, she has great fun chasing the local wildlife, chatting with magic statues and of course, sinking pirate ships; all against the advice of the Poki, the Island Chief’s son.

But the fun of exploration turns sour when the pair are captured by the pirates and Constance is forced to help Captain Jack become a contestant in the Birdman Contest. This competition to become Chief of the Island could see the control of the island and her father’s life at stake! Constance must learn that wisdom is knowing which rules to follow, what advice is worth listening to – and just when you need to do what you’re told.

Additional educational resources: the script is enriched with a number of traditional Easter Island Rapa Nui words and phrases. The Rapa Nui efforts to ensure their language is ongoing (a goal similar to many Australian and New Zealand school’s teaching of their local indigenous languages) and further explored at Tim Tuck’s excellent blog.

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