Sample: Circus

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Old performers, they say, never retire.  The phone just stops ringing…

Geoffrey is the newest recruit to the Lion Tamers, Magician’s Assistants and Human Cannonball Lighters Retirement Village – the LTMAHCLRV, for short.  As one half of “Geoffrey and Eustace, Lion Tamers Extraordinaire”, he has earned his rest.  No sign of Eustace anywhere though…

He joins Hortensia and Estella; both assistants to magicians, both with a tale to tell – try stopping ‘em – and with an abiding hatred of each other.  And Lionel.  No one quite knows what to make of Lionel.  And his little friend.  Thrown together with nothing more than a lifetime of showbiz to bind them, they soon find that they have more in common than, perhaps, they imagined.  And Lionel.  What’s his role here?  He’s cleaned up after elephants, tried, in vain, to keep clowns off the sauce but this may be his moment to shine – finally.

Circus is a dark comedy:  full of showbiz nuggets and a gift for mature actors and lepidopterologists everywhere.

Winner (Best Play) of the Toowoomba Play Writing Competition.