Sample: Battle of the Bands


It’s every young band’s dream – to be rocking out on the big stage to thousands of screaming fans, listening to your songs on the radio. Battle of the Bands is a story of honesty winning out, and live rock’n’roll triumphing over manufactured pop! Give your cast the chance to live out their own dreams of rock stardom!

Battle of the Bands is the latest musical for secondary schools from Steven Harris, writer of writer of Little Stars and Snap!, Battle of the Bands is everything you school wants in a musical – a self-contained story with original songs, humour that operates at more than one level and it’s easy to stage.

There are eleven original songs in Battle of the Bands, covering three genres: rock, pop and show tunes. The rock songs are performed by the White Knights, heroes of the story, the pop songs by the self-obsessed singing group Villainous and the show tunes provide the glue that holds the story together. All the songs have been written to appeal to teens, all have manageable ranges and all have been scored for a small pop/rock band.

Battle of the Bands will have your school buzzing with excitement, laughing along and singing tunes to themselves on the way out after the show.

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