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7 reviews for Little Stars

  1. Maverick Musicals


    I wanted to pass on my thanks to the team at maverick musicals and the writers of little Stars.I apologise for not having done this sooner as in the aftermath and end of year craziness I simply forgot! – I still felt compelled to write, and as they say- better late than never!! Last year our school Pacific Paradise performed Little Stars to rave reviews from our community! The show was a hit with students, parents and teachers alike. We had students from grade 5,6 & 7 in our production and it was the first show we had ever performed in our brand new hall with our new AV gear. It was a great show to showcase our students talents and our new hall in full swing. Not only was the show relevant for our children who are used to the Idol and Xfactor reality TV format, the characters were cleverly written and the dialogue relevant, modern and age appropriate for our kids!! I cannot praise the writing team enough, not only for their clever witty script and characterisations, but also the musical score! We had a live band of adults from our community play live for the show, which added another element to the musical and gave our students experience performing with a live band !! The adults playing the music ( one of them my husband) really enjoyed the musical score and being involved in the production. We all found ourselves at home singing the music because if its catchy nature, we were basically singing it in our sleep there for a while!! I think it helped that the music was at a level where it could be appreciated by adults and kids alike and the adults still felt like they were able to be creative and enjoy the musical experience! As a director I had a ball putting the show together as did our students. The script really opened the door to many different performance opportunities and ideas! Our students really were the ‘Little stars’ of our community for the rest of the year! Little Stars will not soon be forgotten by all the kids involved in our production and VERY hard to top this year!! The boost to their confidence, self esteem and performance skills was a lovely thing to witness over the duration of the show and something they will take with them and remember for a long time to come. A huge thank you to Steven Harris, Catherine Field,Erin hardy and the team at Maverick for sharing your creativity and passion!
    Bonita McBay ( music specialist) Pacific Paradise State School, Qld, Aust

  2. Maverick Musicals


    We had a great time with this production!
    Andrea Simons. Emerald State School Qld

  3. Maverick Musicals


    Thought I would let you know how successful “Little Stars” was. We had the most fantastic season with full houses at all performances. The response to the script and the different music styles was great. The Audiences loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed Directing this show and the girls had a great time. We are an all girls school but it was so easy for some girls to play boys parts. We were able to give so many girls who wouldn’t usually put themselves forward, to take the parts of the auditionees. There was a cast of 65, not including the band. Costuming was easy as it is costumed with all the cast wearing their own up to date clothes and one simple set effectively lit. Once again thank you for producing such a great show.
    Doug Davidson St Matthew’s Collegiate School NEW ZEALAND

  4. Maverick Musicals


    Kingston State School recently completed the musical “Little Stars” and it was a huge hit. The children had a blast playing the main characters and we had many audience members double up as bad contestants. The musical really bought the school and community together. thank you for the great script.
    Gill Brittliff Kingston State School TAS Australia

  5. Maverick Musicals


    Saw Banksia Beach’s rendition of Little Stars last night and thoroughly enjoyed the concept and songs. Big, big cast but fortunately a good venue. Certainly would suggest obtaining some photos for your website. Enjoyed it that much that I searched your site out this morning… Regards Greg
    Greg Spencer

  6. Maverick Musicals


    Wow! What a week! What a show! What a school! Everyone would HAVE to agree that once again we pulled it off. “Little Stars” was a top notch show played before capacity audiences. This week showed what hard work and commitment can do and ALL the children are to be congratulated for their efforts. We are SO proud of you all. Whether or not they had a major role or a walk on role, had spoken lines or no lines, these children really showed what team work is all about. Our fantastic staff were instrumental in preparing the children. Costumes were fabulous (it’s amazing how much scrounging and sewing was done!), make-up looked awesome, the dances were terrific and the singing was wonderful. Thank you to all our teachers and integration aides for your tireless efforts on behalf of our students. Thanks also to the parents who assisted with make-up and kiosk.
    Guthridge Primary School. Vic. Australia

  7. Maverick Musicals


    Wonderful! Brilliant! The perfect musical for a Primary School. The script was relevant to the kids, was easy to follow for the audience and allowed for the involvement of all our kids in Years 3-6. The music was modern and with the strong leads we had (including one of the Billy Elliot Cast members it sounded fantastic. It was easy to costume and stage which meant that we could focus on putting on an awesome show instead of trying to get fiddly bits right. Mortdale PS has done shows every year for the last 14 years and some of the audience had seen them all. They were blown away at the ability of the cast to put on a professional musical instead of the ‘assembly item’ standard stuff they have seen in the past. Apart from my expertise in having worked with different musical societies in Sydney, I place this largely with the quality of the script and music. THANK YOU!
    Steven Mead. Assistant Principal Performing Arts Coordinator Mortdale PS Australia

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