In the Mood

$60.00 ex GST

Most of us have experienced that awkward moment when we think someone is talking about one thing, when, in fact, they are talking about something completely different; it can be embarrassing when the truth is revealed! Well, what if we were talking about something and WE are the ones who have it wrong, and the other person gets totally the wrong story? Liz and Jill may just be sharing a coffee in the office, but, because of their miscommunication, they soon could be sharing a whole lot more!




Purchase of this play includes the Script and Copying Fee.

    Production fees: AUD$40 per performance is charged at checkout.

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    Flat Fee License Agreement

    1. We agree to payment of performance royalties at the rate of AUD $40 per performance for the above production.
    2. We understand I have been/will be charged for the above number of performances
    3. We will ensure that the authors' names are credited on all posters and programs.
    4. We will ensure that the endorsement "Produced with the permission of Maverick Musicals and Plays" is also displayed.