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7 reviews for High School Spoof-ical

  1. Maverick Musicals


    “The show was nothing short of awesome. Honestly, I couldn’t get over how professional it was, and furthermore how witty it was! I loved it, all the subtleties in costume design, the kids’ lines, the jokes, the music! What a performance!”
    Anna, audience member

  2. Maverick Musicals


    High-School Spoofical was perfectly pitched for our students and audiences. It is clever, witty and cheekily irreverent. Anyone who has ever cringed when watching another ‘Disney’ movie, will LOVE this show. Any director looking for a show in which every single performer gets a character name and their own line or two will LOVE this show – it has something for everyone!
    Annabel Meek, Director, Geelong Grammar School

  3. Maverick Musicals


    “One of the most enjoyable productions I have seen in the 28 years of my teaching career. Such a professional, energetic, passionate, humorous and engaging musical! I am still laughing at some of the jokes and many of the performances. The energy was tremendous and the audience loved every minute of it.”
    Charlie Scudamore, Head of Corio, Geelong Grammar School

  4. Maverick Musicals


    I would like to highly recommend this musical to other schools. The script is excellent with lots of laughs and the audiences (our best ever) thoroughly enjoyed it. The songs stick in your head and because most of them involved the whole cast there was a great deal of energy and volume when they were sung. The production notes were a great help ie props, lighting and costumes.
    Peter Szota St Johns High School AUST

  5. Maverick Musicals


    “It was so good, my face hurt after the show from laughing so much!”
    Petra, audience member

  6. Maverick Musicals


    The show was a huge success, with good crowds who seemed to enjoy the irreverence of the show and the fact that so many could be involved. The graphics, the music, the story, the characters – all came together tremendously well.
    Wayne Pickering

  7. Gail Denver


    Our production of High School Spoofical was a great success and I thank you for all the support we had. It makes it very easy having such extensive resources when you are doing theses shows with minimal time. And how funny that our designer turned out to be mates with the writer!
    Michael Dalley (Head of Learning) Thomas Carr College Vic Australia

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