For God’s Sake!

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The “Original” 1 Act Comedy
GOD created the world in 6 days: the sun, the moon, the stars,
the seas, the trees, the birds and bees, and of course Adam and Eve. It was a production on an Epic and Universal scale.
And of course he did it all on his own – or did he?
Because now there is Hell to pay!
If God doesn’t have a sense of humour, we are in BIG BIG trouble!

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    Production fees: 15% of Gross Box-Office takings.  A non-refundable AUD $120 per performance minimum deposit is charged at checkout, and will be deducted from the final performance royalties amount you owe, after your performance/s.

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    Flat Fee License Agreement

    1. We agree to payment of performance royalties at the rate of AUD $100 per performance for the above production.
    2. We understand I have been/will be charged for the above number of performances
    3. We will ensure that the authors' names are credited on all posters and programs.
    4. We will ensure that the endorsement "Produced with the permission of Maverick Musicals and Plays" is also displayed.