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5 reviews for Battle of the Bands

  1. Maverick Musicals


    “All students at Holy Saviour school performed Battle of the Bands. After months of practice, the day had finally arrived and there was excitement in the air. The lights came on, the music started and so began this amazing production. Written by Steven Harris, who has written the last three productions for Holy Saviour, this musical engaged the children throughout the process with its vibrant songs and spirited attitude. The children connected with the music and the story line, and convincingly portrayed this story about a young, enthusiastic band, eagerly trying to get their break in the music industry whilst facing challenges along the journey. We were able to make many parallels with the story and how we must face difficulties in our everyday lives. The children were able to identify with the characters’ difficulties and their need for resilience. We are delighted with the feedback we have received from the parent community about the concert night, the final product, but also about the journeys their children have taken and the growth and change in their children throughout this process.”
    A Herbison Principal, Holy Saviour Catholic School Vermont South Australia

  2. Maverick Musicals


    Holy Saviour Catholic School is thrilled to be staging the premiere of Battle of the Bands. Our school has a strong performing arts tradition, and this new musical represents an opportunity to showcase the talents of the school in a way that will captivate audiences and give our students life-long memories. We have performed Steven Harris’ musicals previously (Little Stars and Snap!), and they have excited students and the school community. Rehearsals are now well under way for Battle of the Bands, and already we can see that the show is another winner!
    Annie Herbison, Principal Holy Catholic School, Vermont South Victoria

  3. Maverick Musicals


    Wow, wow, wow! What a show. The music is absolutely sensational and the script is tight, funny and relevant to the players. The students have already fully engaged with the musical as we prepare for its world premiere. It’s easy to stage, but with all the impact we’ve become used to with shows from Steven Harris. Another hit!
    Rose Wray-McCann, Director Holy Saviour Catholic School,Vermont South Victoria

  4. Maverick Musicals


    Excellent lyrics, great music and a very clever script. The Battle of the Bands songs would not be out of place on commercial radio. I thought our students made it look like the script was written for them. The different personalities and characters developed through the production allowed for a diverse group of students to have significant roles.
    Steve Edwards Curriculum Leader Holy Saviour Catholic School, Vermont South, Australia

  5. Gail Denver


    The show was fabulous – amazing – wonderful, and was the perfect script for our Year 7 8 and 9 students.This time the school captains picked up the main roles – 3 Drama Captains directing 2 Music Captains – one teaching the singing and one training and conducting our very first Junior Band – how good is that!!! The Dance captain choreographed the show, media captain kept the marketing campaign going with articles in our Grammarian, posters, program, etc., and the two vis. arts captains made the ply wood instruments for the White Knights. It was like a ‘buddy’ program – big kids doing it for the little seeds and helping them grow. We converted a class room at our Year 9 Centre into a theatre and because you guys make it so easy to do shows like this, we were able to accommodate the set with very simple scenes.

    I had trepidations about the Junior Band – they had rehearsed for months and I thought ‘what if they are awful and the cast can’t sing along with them’ they have worked so hard. They were amazing and as good a band as I have worked with. Some even were in the cast and popped in and out of their various roles with ease and panache.
    There are many stories of students growing in confidence in a safe and enjoyable environment of theatre and Battle of the Bands provided such a fun wonderful experience. We did not have one problem and every show was a winner. The last night was a great audience and the kids went out on a high.
    Thank you again for a great musical, for your constant support, for always being just an email away and your knowledge and belief in what we can achieve with these students. Prue Vermay St Paul’s Anglican Grammar. Warragul. Vic

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