Mark Lucas

Mark Lucas was born in Rockhampton in 1966 and has lived in Caboolture, Queensland for over thirty years.

In a little over sixteen years the plays of Mark Lucas have provided audiences with the opportunity to experience the passion of the Caboolture playwright as they embark on a journey that quite often leads them to an extraordinary destination.

“I like the audience to feel as though they are an integral part of what is being created on stage and to laugh at, cry with or taste the desperation of the scenes being played out before them.”

After being involved in community theatre for a number of years, Lucas saw an opportunity to drive the theatre experience that step further beyond the British bedroom farces and American tragi-comedies that are frequently offered to community theatre audiences.

In 1992 Lucas wrote his first one-act script, a psychological thriller called “Roulette” which turns a normal day into a nightmare for a woman trapped in a house with a psychotic killer.

“Roulette was a little like a rollercoaster ride for the audience and the actors because there were great moments of tension blended with moments of empathy and the whole play finishes with a nice little kick at the end.”

Since then, his plays have been performed by theatre companies from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne.

His plays traverse the full gamut of human emotion from the side-splitting farces of “Verve”, “Stiletto” and “Stroke”, to the Gothic thrillers of “Domain” and “Netherworld” to the raw contemporary dramas of “Freight”, “Cicatrice” and “Arcadia”.

“These plays are written with the desire to drag people away from their lounge rooms, take them on a wild ride and provide them with entertainment that is on a par with if not better than what they are seeing on television.”

And a wild ride it has been indeed as his plays have amassed over 250 awards at over 100 drama festivals throughout Queensland.

Mark’s plays have also been performed by theatre companies throughout Australia, Norfolk Island, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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