Jo Denver


Directed numerous plays/musicals including:
Jack the Ripper (musical) at La Boite, Brisbane
Treasure Island (audience involvement theatre) La Boite
Premiere of Man of Steel (musical) at La Boite
Dark of the Moon at La Boite
Cabaret (musical) at Caloundra Civic Centre
Oliver (musical) at Caloundra Civic Centre
Joseph and his Tech Dreamcoat Caloundra Civic Centre
A Funny thing happened..Forum Caloundra Civic Centre
Smithy! (musical) at Cremorne Theatre, PAC Brisbane
Child’s Play (original) at Cremorne Theatre, PAC Brisbane
Secret Bridesmaids Business for Maleny Players
‘Allo, ‘Allo at Caloundra Civic Centre
Dangerous Liaisons for Maleny Players
Indians for Maleny Players


Three High School drama textbooks published by McGraw Hill. Sydney (1984-87)
Three High School English textbooks published by McGraw Hill, Sydney (1988-1992)
Commissioned by Maleny Players to write a play based on the history of Maleny. Up to your neck in Maleny (1990)
Grant from Arts Council to update Up to your Neck in Maleny adding the last ten years. (1999)
Commissioned by One Mile School, Gympie, to write a musical history of the school, with composer Don Woodward. One Mile Gold (1994)
Commissioned by Inglewood Council to write a theatrical representation of the history of the Inglewood area (2003)
Currently working with composers on a theatrical tribute (in revue form) to the Theatre Royal, Hobart
Currently working on musical, Madame (Helena Rubinstein)


Canterbury Riders, with composer Alan Melville
His Majesty’s Pleasure, with composer Ian Dorricott. Based on the production of the first play performed in Australia
Wolfstock, comedy musical, with composer Don Woodward
The Hunchback of Nostradamus, comedy musical, with lyricist Jane Neilson and composer, Don Woodward
Wonder in Alice Land, with composer Don Woodward. Children’s musical based on Alice in Wonderland (2000)
Grunt! Contemporary Musical based on George Orwells’s Animal Farm. Music by composer Donald Woodward. This is the only Australian version of Animal Farm sanctioned by the George Orwell estate. (2000)
Young Hercules, children’s musical. Composer, Ian Dorricott. (2004)
Pirate Queen, swashbuckling musical inspired by the real pirate queen, Grace O’Malley. Music by Owen Grey.(2005)


Irish at Heart, full length black comedy play. A son takes the body of his father back to Ireland for burial.The reception is not what he expected
Vacant Rooms, full length drama dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s on a family
Happy Birthday, Mum, one act drama playing with the time difference between England and Australia
In the Blood, one act drama. Uni student doing research, visits a notorious murderess in prison, unaware that it is her mother
Inheritance, one act dramatic presentation reflecting women’s voices in the 1890s
Garbage, one-act tragi-comedy. Three derelicts find something unusual in the garbage which presents a moral dilemma.
Perfect, one act drama. A writer is obsessed with the forties as he loses control of present-day reality.



Ma Baker’s Tonic
Mystery on the Orient Express

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