Marianne Buchanan: an all-round creative

Marianne Buchanan is a drama and high school art teacher, and is involved in community theatre in Toowoomba as a director, performer and playwright.

Marianne’s theatrical training was gleaned on the road when she spent 2000 – 2002 touring full-time with the itinerant theatre company, Covenant Players. Over this time, travelling throughout Queensland and New Zealand, she was immersed in the Stanislavski and method acting techniques and trained in directing, set design, props and running productions.

After touring, Marianne studied drama and writing for stage and screen through Griffith University and completed studies in teaching and learning while working as a singing and drama teacher with Showbiz Talent School.

She has been involved in productions in Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns and Maitland. Before working as an arts teacher in Toowoomba, she founded and ran the drama and puppet business, Starlet Creative Industries. Within this creative arts business she created and performed drama and puppet programs for under-privileged schools in Brisbane. Along with her involvement in the dramatic arts, Marianne is an avid artist and has exhibited works in a variety of galleries. Her artistic strengths lean towards realism and portraiture.

To check out Marianne’s play, Dotty Scotty, click here.

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