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We hope that you find our musicals, plays and licensing system easy to order. Maverick Musicals and Plays are proud of our customer service and the speed with which we deliver your order. Below you will find some FAQ’s to some of the questions you might have. If you find that you have a question that has not been answered here, please feel free to send us a quick email and we will answer your question as quickly as we can!

Can I peruse Maverick’s musicals and plays?

Yes, all of our titles of the scripts for sale are available for you to assess for free – just choose the “Free Sampler” package available with every title. For musicals you’ll receive Act One of the script, some MP3 song files and sheet music from the piano score. For play scripts you’ll receive a good sample of the play including cast list and author’s notes.

How do I obtain the rights to produce a musical or play?

It’s easy to obtain a license to perform a Maverick musical or play. When you order either the Basic or Deluxe Package, or the Copy Fees from the selection of ‘Options’, you’ll automatically see the License Application details.

How long before I receive my order?

Once your payment details are cleared, we process your orders immediately. Your script, and any Ticket Declaration Form required will be available in ‘Your Account’ as PDF downloads, and we’ll post all other items ordered via Australia Post to anywhere in the world.

What happens if I need to change information provided in my License Application?

Please send an email to [email protected] with any changes prior to your performances commencing and the new information will be logged into our licensing system.

Are Performance Royalties payable for any charitable performances we wish to stage?

Yes, charitable performances are treated in the same way as any performance, so please include these details too when providing your dates of performance.

Can I photocopy materials?

Yes, once you have purchased the Copy Fees included in the Basic or Deluxe Package, or from the ‘Options’ list.

Are there vocals on the Rehearsal CD’s?

Some titles have Rehearsal CD’s with full vocals on them. Others do not have any vocals, the tracks instead feature a melody line, minimal musical accompaniment and a vocal line (represented by a wind instrument). These vocal line CD’s are designed for use together with the piano vocal score in rehearsals. Rehearsal CD’s are not suitable for performance, they are only to assist you in teaching the songs.

Can I make changes to a script or music?

There are a couple of instances when this is allowable; you can only alter topical or geographical references to suit your own situation. You cannot add anyone else’s script (or music) to a published play or musical.

Can I record (video/audio) my musical?

Recordings are permitted for schools and groups making a reference only, and provided at no cost (for the price of the blank video/CD/DVD) to cast members, and attract no Copyright charges.

However, if the recordings are sold for profit, a ten per cent fee is payable on the price charged for each recording. Please send your request for filming permission to [email protected] and advise if you intend to sell copies for profit. We have no objection to the taking of photographs, and invite you to share them with others on our website!

What rules apply when advertising my musical?

The authors’ names need to be displayed under the title of the production on all posters and programs used.

The endorsement “Produced with the permission of Maverick Musicals and Plays www.maverickmusicals.com” must be displayed at the bottom of posters, and on your programmes in a suitable position.

Can I sell or loan my scripts to someone else to use?

Yes – but please be aware that a portion of  writer/composer incomes is derived from their book and music sales.  (Any performance rights granted relate only to your production –  lending/borrowing/selling of scripts or music to others does not infer any performance rights).