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Ever Popular School Musicals

We’re excited to bring you our latest news! Finding and ordering your next blockbuster school musical is now even easier with our streamlined new website. Our range of FREE script, song and music samples for every title are ready for you to browse – with some great ideas here to get you started, what are you waiting for?

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is the latest musical for secondary schools from Steven Harris, writer of Little Stars and Snap!. This great show is everything your school wants in a musical – a modern self-contained story with original songs and it’s easy to stage. Battle of the Bands is a story of honesty winning out, and live rock’n’roll triumphing over manufactured pop! Read More

Man of Steel

Man of Steel is Australia’s all time most popular school musical – an action-packed musical spoof, a parody of the comic book super hero and a spectacular show of heroically super proportions! Written especially for young people, it’s full of fun, with fast-moving action, larger than life characters and really spectacular song and chorus numbers. Read More

You’re History

When a nerdy teenager turns a portable classroom into a time machine, a mischievous detention class is sent hurtling back through history! Surprisingly simple to stage, inexpensive to costume & featuring a myriad of meaty roles for males and females, there’?s also great chorus work. Read More

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is probably regarded as the greatest children’s book ever written. Mike Carter’s adaptation draws out the fun and mystery of the story and creates an exciting and challenging musical, ideal for use in schools or by adult companies. With 22 main speaking parts, this adaptation gives plenty of children the opportunity to act. Read More


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