Aaron Evans: The Itch for Theatre

Aaron Evans is a creative from Ipswich, Queensland. He is an award-winning writer, actor, producer, director, and teacher. Aaron became a passionate theatre kid at fifteen when his soon-to-be drama teacher offered him a chance in the theatre restaurant the school was producing. The rest was history. Since then, Aaron has acted in over thirty different shows, directed ten plays, and produced six shows with his own theatre company, Downstage Theatre Company.

Aaron is an active member of his second home, Ipswich Little Theatre, where he wears many hats. One of those hats is as a teacher in the teenage drama class. He loves to encourage and motivate the next generation of creatives, which is summed up in his favourite quote by Jack Lemmon. “If you have any level of success, it’s your obligation to take the elevator down for the next generation.”  While Aaron’s itch for theatre began with acting, he dabbled in writing. Starting with small comedic sketches, Aaron found joy in bringing his imagination to an audience. Aaron wrote his first play in 2013 and gradually fell head over heels for scriptwriting. He likes taking ‘write what you know’ and putting it in unique environments and genres to give audiences a refreshing look at the world. 

You can find Aaron’s plays here.

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